When we were still employees, we were approached by companies on our social networks asking for support in their field, more specifically in their extrusion processes. Since the company’s incorporation in 2018, eLab has come a long way and has grown steadily since that time in this niche process. We started with the outsourcing of our team members to our clients and ended up with major projects. We are now working with large companies in different sectors including automotive, transportation, health, agriculture, military, construction and even recreation.

Our experienced and complementary team has since focused on developing new innovative concepts both in terms of products and specialized equipment. We really feel that we can make the market in the plastics and elastomers sector benefit, in order to help our customers gain ground with new methods and new know-how, particularly in terms of improvement of their production performance.


eLab is dedicated to industrial performance whether it is continuous improvement, analysis, problem solving, engineering design and even research. We have acquired this expertise by investing ourselves body and soul in production performance.


Customer-oriented, we are your engineering partner in the field of polymers meeting improvement and development needs, in order to optimize your manufacturing performance.


Leader in the improvement of manufacturing processes in the field of plastics and elastomers, supporting the design, performance and innovation needs of our customers, thus reducing the total cost of the value chain.





Our expertise

The extrusion process is a complex industrial technique that requires solid expertise, constant human supervision, and manual adjustments of a large number of interrelated parameters. As it is cost effective, its use is widespread. However, it benefits from being further optimized and from becoming less dependent on human intervention, because it still causes a lot of loss of raw materials during long start-ups or precarious checks, thereby causing the production of bad parts. These are the challenges that our eLab company wants to tackle.

Our unique and combined expertise in extrusion, tooling and product design, quality, process improvement, as well as plastic and rubber transformation has already led us to achieve savings in the order of several millions to different companies. We are your solution for experienced technical assistance that will allow you to improve the performance of your processes and products and consequently your business results, without forgetting the satisfaction of your customers.

Partner in your value chain

value chain

The value chain represents the set of basic and supporting activities and processes necessary to produce and deliver a product or service through all phases of its life cycle, from design to use.

eLab supports all levels of this global value chain. This is to provide product owners, manufacturers and suppliers with an advantage by optimizing the joint exercise of activities or by improving coordination between chains. This gives a competitive advantage for the customer by reducing the costs of the latter and improving overall performance.

value chain

The environment is important to us

We work together with partners to optimize and develop new processes with better methods of recovering and recycling raw materials. The excessive consumption of plastics for simple use is creating a real problem that must be addressed now. With our initiative, we want among other things to support and develop new concepts in order to give a second life to these still useful materials.


Diagnosis of production processes

The diagnosis of production processes is essential, it allows your company to evolve and develop your activities / projects to be carried out. The eLab methodology will help you target and prioritize the critical points of your production performance in order to increase the performance of your business.


Your project and its specifications are unique. Our experts will provide you with personalized support to carry out all your projects. Our specialty: the design of products and equipment in the plastics and elastomers sector.


Your project and its specifications are unique. Our experts will provide you with personalized support to carry out all your projects. Our specialty: the design of products and equipment in the plastics and elastomers sector.


The goal of professional development is to improve the internal training offered to employees so that they are more effective within your organization. Professional development allows you to increase the productivity, motivation, personal achievement and dedication to work of your employees.

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